• Could I buy somewhere the finished items (made from the projects)?
    No. My brand’s spirit is enjoy creating. I really think you have to understand the effort it takes to make something to know its real value. And it helps you to be happier!
  • Could I sell the finished items made by me from the projects?
    No. All projects (from the blog and my Etsy shop) are created for personal use and with non-commercial license. Anyway, if you have an idea you can always contact with me and we’ll see if we can create something together.
  • Could I teach workshops based in your projects and tutorials?
    Yes and no. I mean, as I said all my projects (from the blog and my Etsy shop) are for a personal use and with non-commercial license so you cannot profit from them; however, you can guide someone to get the best results in the projects if each student has bought their own pattern.
    Of course, you can mention my work, but be sure to credit the authorship and source of each project correctly.
    I love teaching workshops, I’ve been doing it for years, so please get in contact if you want to propose one!
  • Where could I find the same supplies as I see in your projects?
    This won’t be always easy. Sometimes I can give you the exact procedence but sometimes not.
    Troughtout my life I have been shopping supplies here and there so the materials I’m using to design are only a proposal to take as a reference for your own work. Anyway I try to keep the projects as simple as I can to help you finding the materials easily in any local store or online shop.
    And to know more, check out the posts about materials.