In my Pinterest profile I’ve got a folder called EMBELLISHMENT where I collect all the prettiest pictures about all kind of techniques to decorate clothes. Beadworking, golden thread embroideries, colourful sequins and paillettes…

A lot of times I’ve thought to try making beauties like those, but it’s not always easy because I can’t find the colours or shapes desired, so I’ve decided to make my own recycled embellishments.

Searching around I found a lot of potential materials to start with: PET plastic bottles and old folders to recycle giving them a second life. It’s amazing what you find when you just look around in a diferent way, with a “critic eye” (like my teachers in the design school used to say).

Plastic is the ideal material for diy embellishment because is resistant, you can wash it and it has vivrant and solid colors.

By the moment I’ve made a simple design, but I think this is just the first post of many others, because I would like to keep on experimenting more… a new section has borned!

To make this little tomatoes -or apples, I really don’t know what they are…- I’ve used a transparent green plastic bottle (of olive oil) and a red plastic folder.

1. Cut some green plastic tears in diferent sizes. Note there are two diferent tomatoes: with 2 or 5 leaves (alternating in design).

2. Cut out the red plastic circles aswell (2,5 cm. diameter), two for each fruit.

3. Fold the circles and tears by the middle (not those who have not to be folded as the little leaves and the circles of the base: check the picture below).

4. Check all the tomatoes and make sure you have the right number of pieces. Punch the holes helped with a needle.

5. Sew them as pictured. First the circles and then the leaves.

6. I’ve quilted the fabric (with a golden thread) to give it some body and framing each detail. If you want to make the same just mark the crossed lines and sew it (by hand or machine) together with a quilt wadding.

Embellish a bag, a skirt, use it as a detail in a collar or in a blouse… If you’re looking to make a bag as I’ve posted, here you can find a similar pattern.

If this project has inspired you to make your own please tag your pictures in social networks with #berzeuse or #berzeuseprojects, I’ll love to see your creations!