I was looking for spend a while painting fabrics for some time ago. Finally I did it and it has been fun and inspiring; the results were better than expected! I haven’t used any specific supplies just acrilyc paint and synthetic leather (leatherette) and suede.

I’ve only used two techniques by the moment but I don’t rule out continuing experimenting and come back with a second part of this post…

I’ve used tape to delimit the outline to print some stripes (gold on blue-green leatherette) and plaid (fluo red on navy blue leatherette). And rubber stamps with different geometric shapes -a bit irregular- on beige synthethic suede to create a more dynamic and cheerful pattern.

Here is the process…

General recommendations:

  • cut out the pattern first and then paint it.
  • test all the materials before painting on a little piece of cloth (tape, paint, stamps,…).
  • sketch the pattern by hand or with the computer and make some color samples before improvising.
  • if you’re not too familiarized with the rubber stamps technique, choose a small shapes, easier to use at first and better for re-using in another version of the pattern.
  • don’t spread too much paint in the stamps because it will extending beyond the shape and the silhouette will lose definition. It’s better if you apply the paint with a brush or a sponge over the stamp.

I’ll show you the finished bags once I sew them!