Stripes are great for clothes and home decor but you have to use them carefully because their optic effect and contrast are strong. That’s why the idea I bring you today is perfect, discreet but effective.

In this post I’ll show you how to make your own piping using striped fabric (or any other pattern) to give a special touch to a simple velvet cushions. Actually, I’m so glad with the results that I plan to use it later to decorate a fanny pack or a sport bag.

You can use any kind of striped fabric, ribbon or bias to make the piping. Note that, according to its composition, each one will give a different texture or shine to combine with the fabrics you’ve chosen to make the cushion.

1. Cut the striped band and place the cord in the center.

2. Fold the band over the cord and sew it with a transparent thread (made of nylon, sold on haberdasheries) as tight as you can, marking the cord.

3. Cut the remaining fabric leaving 1 cm. between the line under the cord and the edge (1 cm. is the allowance seam for the cushion’s pieces).

4. Place and pin the piping all around the edge of one of the cushion pieces (right sides touching) and sew a baste seam at 0,5 cm. from the edge.

5. Place the other piece of the cushion as pictured (again right sides together with the piping in the middle). Pin it and sew it with the machine at 1 cm. from the edge.

6. Use this special accessorie to sew as tight as possible to the piping to get a better finish. Remember to leave a not sewed space to turn it over and insert the filling material.

7. Turn it over, check if it’s ok, insert the filling material, close the seam hand sewing (trying to hide the stitches) and…

8. it’s done!