Springtime is here and the sun invites to leave the heaviest clothes behind… This light and comfy crossbody bag is perfect for this season and even you’ll forget you’re wearing it! It’s also really easy to make so it will be ready in a moment.

The closure, with a small wooden ball, is simple so you won’t need to spend too much money or time looking for special materials. Come to make it with me!

You’ll need:

  • external fabric (42 cm. x 22 cm.). Choose a semi-rigid one, something like synthetic leather, outdoor fabrics, oilcloth… (I’ve chosen a striped waterproof fabric commonly used for outdoors ).
  • internal cotton fabric (43 cm. x 22 cm.).
  • fabric for the lid (21 cm. x 30 cm.), also semi-rigid and not fraying (I’ve used a kind of synthetic suede).
  • a small wooden ball (1,5 cm. diameter).
  • cord (130 cm.).
  • threads matching with the fabrics.
  • marker (chalk, soap…), scissors, rotary cutter, cutting mat, sewing needle and pins.

1. Cut out the external (42 cm. x 22 cm.) and internal (43 cm. x 22 cm.) rectangular pieces. Print the lid’s triangular pattern from here, cut out and mark it two times into the fabric and cut it out again. Sew both pieces all around (wrong sides together) at 1,5 – 2 mm. from the edge.

2. Fold the internal and external pieces by the middle (right sides together this time) and sew each one by laterals with a seam at 1 cm. from the edge.

3. Mark and cut the buttonhole’s line of the lid.

4. Sew a seam around it to avoid unshape problems while using.

5. Now we’ll sew the top of the pieces. External piece: refold 1 cm. inside and sew at 0,5 cm. from the edge. Internal piece: refold 1,5 cm. outside and sew at 0,5 cm. from the edge too.

6. Turn around the external piece (leaving the seams inside) and mark -with chalk or soap- a line at 1 cm. from the upper edge. This mark will help us to place the lid straight.

7. Place the lid over this line and sew it with a seam just over the already lid’s existing seam.

8. It should look like this.

9. Fold the lid and press it enough to keep it marked.

10. Mark a signal (in the striped fabric) through the buttonhole to place the wooden ball in the right place. Sew it as pictured and make sure it’s strong and it works.

11. Sew now the cord, matching the extremes with the seams, at the wrong side of the internal piece.

12. Finish the bag putting the linning inside and sewing all around the top. Attach it with pins and sew over the existing seams (those we sewed in step 5, at 0,5 cm. from the upper edge) to achieve a clean finishing. And it’s done!