Andrey Remnev, Metamorphosis (2012) .

I knew Andrey Remnev via Pinterest; I found one of his paintings by chance and since then he became to be one of my favourite contemporary artist.

Andrey Remnev, Avers-Revers (2010).

It’s not only his characters and scenes are involved into a magic atmosphere, is also his aesthetic -shape, colors and patterns- what I love because I find it very up to day. Also the accessories, sometimes with a surrealist touch closer those that Elsa Schiaparelli made on the 30’s than those from the art of XVIII century where he’s getting inspiration.

Andrey Remnev, detail of Migration (2009).
Andrey Remnev, Geneology (2009).
Andrey Remnev, Ladytamer (2002).
Andrey Remnev, Redhead (2004).

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