Fringes again! This time in a necklace and with some variations. I’ve mixed suede and sinthetyc leather to play with shine and matt textures and I’ve painted it. It began like an experiment but I think it looks great at the end!

Especially in the bluish green large piece, the gold coat of paint looks like a part of the fabric itself. It also make a contrast and the necklace looks more layered than in fact it is.

To make it you’ll need:

  • a piece of navy blue sinthetyc suede (45 cm. x 4,3 cm.).
  • a piece of light blue sinthetyc suede (45 cm. x 5,5 cm.).
  • a piece of golden sinthetyc leather (45 cm. x 7 cm.).
  • a piece of bluish green sinthetyc leather (45 cm. x 9,3 cm.) + 2 small pieces for the tassels (6 cm. x 4 cm.).
  • grey suede or leather cord (60 cm. = 30 cm. each part).
  • acrilyc paint in red fluo.
  • acrilyc paint in gold.
  • thread matching with the fabrics (or a transparent one that combines with all) + white thread to baste.
  • marking tool, scissors, tape, brush, rotary cutter, cutting mat, sewing needle and pins.
  1. Cut out the fabrics and place the tape in two of them (light blue and bluish green; at 0,5 cm. of the edge more or less) and start painting.
  2. Once the paint is dry, mark a straight lines behing the fabric to guide the cutter and cut the fringes (0,5 cm. each one).
  3. It should look like this.
  4. Baste the fringes pieces in two groups as pictured.
  5. Make the cord tassels as viewed in this post. Sew the cord extreme over the golden fringed piece. Repeat with the other half and put together the necklace.
  6. Pin it and baste all contour to make it easier to hand sewing.
  7. Thread a double thread to get more resistant and decorative stitches and control the size and distance between them.
  8. And… it’s done!