Two weeks ago I wrote about how my children had discovered Magritte’s work at school (and I rediscovered again) and how many ideas resulted around it… Between all of his paintings I became fascinated by one of them called: The voice of blood (1947).

The tree-cabinet with a stately house illuminated on inside looks magic and whimsical and reminds another Magritte series wich were talking about light and darkness too: The empire of light.

I inmediately wanted to make a similar paper house with a candle inside (a electric one, of course) and the tree stump-cake idea came later.

You’ll find the link to download the template below.

It’s simple: print it on a Din A4 cardboard, cut it out (windows first) and glue it on.

You’ll find a green rectangle to use like a base, will be helpfull to avoid cake cream spots and as a candle support. Wrap it with plastic film and place the house over.

I baked a part of the cake mixed with spinach juice to achieve the green touch as a greenery around the house and to hide the base.

It’s a double cake -to make it higher- covered with chocolate spread. Mark it with a fork to get the wood streaks and it’s done!

Download the free template here.