At the end of this week you’ll find in my shop the new bag (PDF patterns + tutorial) I’m working on. At the moment I won’t tell much more except that it closes with a cord with tassels.

I’ve been playing with tassels and I’ve made them in many ways. For this project I’ve chosen the simplest though I’ll show you all the ideas in different posts later.

For now, here is a quick tutorial to make a tassel in the simplest way. You can use them to decorate a bag or suitcase, make earrings or simply as a key ring or to hang on a door handle.

To make this tassel you’ll need:

  • 3 small pieces of fabric, that don’t fray, in three matched colors (check this post about fabrics if you’re not sure about). Measures: large (10 cm. x 30 cm.), medium (7 cm. x 20 cm.), small (5 cm. x 20 cm). You’ll find this fringe straps -already made- in some supplies shops. You can buy them in different lengths or cut them as the sizes featured in this tutorial.
  • a piece of cord, 15 cm.
  • marking tool, thread, scissors, rotary cutter, cutting mat, sewing needle and pins.

1. Cut out the fabric rectangles and make the fringes with the rotary cutter (0,5 cm. each one).

2. Sew one extreme of the cord to the edge above of the biggest piece. Sew only one extreme if you want to embellish the cord or two extremes if you want to make like mine, to hang.

3.-4. Roll the fringes around itself as tight as you can.

5. Repeat with the medium piece.

6. Finish with the small one and sew it with small and hidden stitches. If the result is not the desired you can still fix it glueing a fabric over the stiches.