I was a child when I saw a Magritte’s painting for the first time. It was a big rock, with a casttle on top, floating in the sky over the sea. I don’t think I knew concepts as weight, lightness or space and couldn’t understand its metaphore, but even then, it catched my attention.

I understood the meaning of this painting later; opposites fighting against logical rules, far from accepted conventions.

Some days ago my children have met the work of some artists at school, Magritte included, and I’ve rediscovered through their eyes, how surrealism explains a reality where everything is possible. Just as children do.

So, yes, Magritte becomes a continuous inspiration for us. We’ve had lots of ideas and the very first to make is this apple.

Here in the Netherlands when the children celebrate their birthday at school, they always give a treat to their classmates. The school advice them to be a healthy snack and the parents make amazing artistic ‘traktaties’ (Dutch way to call it). So our next ‘traktatie’ will be a true, literal, artistic one… a Magritte!

To make it you’ll need:

  1. Print the template on a cardboard and cut it out.
  2. Find an apple with stalk and leafs or simulate one. I grabbed a branch from the garden and pinched it in the apple.
  3. Keep in mind that not all the apples have the same shape (I used a medium size apple) so maybe you’ve to make the hole a little bigger. If you exceed the size, you still can fix it. Grab a wooden stick (from skewers) and pin it through the apple from side to side. Secure it with tape behind the head.

Download the free template here.